Company history

Schell was founded in Tyrol around 30 years ago as a family business. It manufacturers with our subsidiary ItalSchell ECOPRIMA® vacuum evaporators to treat industrial waste water in a customised and client-specific way. With Schell Eurasia we were able to get a foothold in Russia 10 years ago.

Why is this product so innovative?

ECOPRIMA® are vacuum distillation systems that recover clean water to be re-use from contaminated waste water, without any chemicals. ECOPRIMA® are therefore very innovative and state of the art concerning fluid treatment and fluid disposal.

Innovation in the company

Schell works closely with various European universities and currently we are taking part in the EU programme Horizon 2020 with our engineers.

With renowned references in 34 countries, Schell is the most experienced independent manufacturer in this market. We are very proud that our ECOPRIMA® systems have been successfully used for many years in central banks, mints, government printing houses, as well as companies such as Swarovski.

Schell is ISO 9001 certified and all systems are designed, planned and built in accordance with the directive PED 97/23/EC, compulsory for all pressure equipment.
Research, planning and construction depend on the type of waste water to be treated, from low-concern oil- emulsions to dangerous aggressive acids, and even to radioactively contaminated fluid.

Accurate selection of the components, careful planning and professional production department, enable us to design high-quality systems, and make customers satisfied  of their investments: it is our main goal!
Our technical assistance department, with the best specialists in this field, guarantees competent and excellent service, even for systems of other brands.