Waste water test: Start of ECOPRIMA®-system projects

Each ECOPRIMA® plant project starts with an extensive waste water test. This is the basis for further detailed analyses.

Dipl. Ing. Francesco Gugole

Sequence of a waste water test

In most cases it is sufficient to send a sample (approx. 30 litres) of waste water to our laboratory, consulting Ms. Sonja Schell. Then, any questions may be answered quickly by telephone or e-mail.

After the test, a detailed report is produced. It provides information not only on the quality of the waste water, but also on the waste water treatment technology to be used. Usually, the results of the waste water test are sent within 7 working days. Then a meeting is organized in our office, or by phone/video call.

More information on the topic
  • Video of the evaporation process of a waste water sample
  • Depending on the waste water test method, samples are produced in stages
  • For any questions about the waste water test, please contact Ms. Sonja Schell